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Beach Ready Products

Beach Ready Products

Travel Easy with the RIO Beach Wonder Cart

Take everything you need with you to the beach, all in one go. RIO’s Beach Wonder Cart makes it easy to transport beach items like chairs, bags, shades and more with you to the ocean front. Folds up for easy storage, folds out for transporting your items. Did we mention it easily converts into a convenient table with cup holders? Make your next beach trip more enjoyable with the RIO Beach Wonder Cart.

Have Fun in the Sun with Quality RIO Beach Gear

Want your beach outing to be filled with style and comfort? Shop RIO for quality beach gear like chairs for the beach, beach carts, sand umbrellas, and more.

Model #ABBC101-414-1
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RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Pal Stadium Seat, Green
Model #A10121-412-1
RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Pal Stadium Seat, Green
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RIO Beach Wonder Cart, Beach Cart
Model #BCT101-1
RIO Beach Wonder Cart, Beach Cart
RIO Brands

When you and the family want to enjoy a day at the beach with style and comfort, RIO beach products will create an enjoyable outdoor experience. From the time you get out of the car to when the sun goes down, there’s a product from RIO that will enhance your experience and make your day even more relaxing.

Rio Beach Products for the Perfect Day of Fun in the Sun

These stylish RIO beach products will transform your beach day from average to extraordinary. Choose from any of the following items for a day of relaxing perfection.

  • Beach carts: When you jump out of the car, you won’t have to fret about making multiple trips with your towels and cooler. RIO beach carts make hauling your beach gear a breeze, thanks to the rolling bag that even includes an umbrella holder.
  • Chairs for the beach: While sitting in the sand can be fun, why not add an extra layer of comfort to your day by the water? RIO beach chairs put the fun in function, with colorful seating solutions that recline and provide a comfy place to lounge all day long.
  • Canopy chairs: These RIO beach chairs add sun protection to your seating solution, with convenient canopies attached. Choose from an option higher off the ground with an extended backrest, or just purchase a standalone canopy to clip onto your existing RIO beach chairs.
  • Beach tents: Looking for a great way to keep your family out of the harmful UV rays? Beach tents provide pop-up shade and a cool place to hang and enjoy a beverage with your toes in the sand.
  • Beach umbrellas: Sun protection is important at the beach where the heat can be intense. Add an attractive umbrella to your spot on the sand for an added layer of comfort.
  • Backpack chairs: One of the most versatile RIO beach chairs is a backpack chair. It transforms from a carrying pouch into a seating solution. When the sun goes down and it’s time to pack up, put all your beach gear into your chair and sling it over your shoulder for easy transport.

Features Every Beachgoer Will Enjoy

  • Style: RIO beach gear brings a tropical style to your beach side retreat. Enjoy bright colors and patterns that will make it easy to find your spot in the sand after a walk on the beach.
  • Comfort: RIO chairs for the beach provide multiple reclining positions and a cozy place to rest while you’re taking in the seaside breeze. Choose from seating solutions with different height options and creature comforts like cupholders.
  • Protection: Don’t forget to pick up RIO Beach gear recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for their incredible sun protection features. From beach tents to umbrellas to canopies, you’ll be made in the shade in no time.
  • Durability: From high quality fabric to rustproof aluminum chair frames, RIO beach products stand up to the elements. Rest assured they will provide you with endless enjoyment season after season.

Beach Gear Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the beach easier?

The right beach gear and a few simple hacks can make your trips to the beach easier and more enjoyable for the entire family. Whether you’re looking for ways to make fewer trips back and forth to the car, struggling to keep sand off personal belongings, aren’t comfortable in your beach loungers, or need a better solution for keeping snacks and refreshments cool, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top five tips for making trips to the beach easier:

  1. Create a sand-free zone with a fitted sheet: Place a fitted sheet upside down in the sand, then place bags, coolers, and chairs at the corners to create a sand-free zone. Use this area for sunbathing, eating lunch with a view, and applying sunscreen, all without worrying about hundreds of uncomfortable grains of sand.
  2. Use a beach cart: Beach vacations are meant for relaxing, not showing off your gym gains by lugging armfuls of heavy beach gear, trip after trip. Beach carts easily roll over sand and provide enough room for transporting coolers, towels, umbrellas, bags, beach toys and more. Not to mention, they’ll free up your hands and move smoothly over the sand for a more pleasant experience.
  3. Freeze your water bottles: Freezing water bottles ensures your refreshments stay cool even after hours in the sun. Not to mention, they can serve as extra ice packs until you pull them out of the cooler.
  4. Try out a backpack chair: Backpack chairs are perfect for long trips to and from the car. They include comfortable carrying straps that will free up your hands for carrying other beach supplies.
  5. Bring a small pop-up beach tent: Create a safe spot away from the sun’s intense heat and harmful UV rays with convenient pop-up beach tents. Not only do beach tents provide complete protection from the sun, but they can also be easier to set up and keep up than beach umbrellas, which are subject to being carried off by strong winds.