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Beach Chairs

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RIO Beach Chairs for Style and Convenience at the Shore

Need a durable beach chair with style and convenience for your next trip to the shore? Shop RIO's wide array of beach chairs.

  1. $124.99
  2. Model #SC536-28-1
    RIO Premium Lace-up Backpack Chair w/ Cooler Bag - 28 Ocean Blue
    RIO Brands
    • Integrated Backpack for portability and storage
    • Cooler compartment for drinks
    • Cup holder and storage pouch
  3. Model #SC429-28-1
    RIO Kids Backpack Chair - Ocean Blue
    RIO Brands
  4. 3 Options Available
    RIO Gear Lace-Up Aluminum Beach Backpack Chair
    RIO Brands
    From $49.99
  5. 2 Options Available
    RIO Beach Hi-Boy High Back Beach Chair
    RIO Brands
    From $59.99
  6. From $49.99
  7. Model #BHC101-46-1
    RIO Gear Breeze Hammock Chair
    RIO Brands
  8. Model #SC537-28-1
    Rio Big Boy Backpack Chair
    RIO Brands
  9. New
    RIO The Transporter Chair - Surf Power Stripe
    Model #SC500-2001-1
    RIO The Transporter Chair - Surf Power Stripe
    RIO Brands

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Discover the Best Beach Chairs at ShelterLogic

A day at the beach has never been so relaxing with RIO Beach beach chairs. Style meets convenience with seating solutions that will make your day by the water a breeze. Choose from gorgeous, bright style beach-ready patterns that will make your spot on the sand a tropical oasis.

RIO Beach Lounge Chairs, Highboys, Backpack Chairs, and More

Whether you’re looking for a backpack beach chair to make trips to and from the condo a breeze or you’re searching for the ultimate beach lounge chair for optimal comfort, you’ll find it here at ShelterLogic. No matter the type of beach chair you choose, you’ll find incredible features for unbeatable convenience, easy transportation, maximum comfort, and timeless style. Our beach chairs boast features including:

Multiple reclining positions: Whether you want to completely recline for sunbathing, or sit up to read a good book, RIO beach chairs provide you with multiple reclining options with each and every seating solution. Rest assured you can find a comfortable position no matter what with these outdoor chairs.

Oversized options for maximum comfort: If you’re looking to accommodate a taller person, regular beach chairs can be a bit limiting. Thanks to RIO beach chairs with a higher back, the big and tall can finally get cozy with toes in the sand thanks to a seating solution made especially for them.

Multiple height choices: Do you want to sit as close to the waves as possible? Or do you have a little trouble getting up from a low seat? Whether you prefer low or high beach chairs, you’ll find an option that best suits your comfort level with RIO.

Gorgeous aesthetics: These beach chairs match your tropical surroundings by the water. Choose from a wide array of vibrant color patterns that will give off vacation vibes, even if it’s only a one-day getaway.

Durable construction: RIO beach chairs are lightweight, yet sturdy seating solutions that can stand up to the sand, moisture, and heat at the beach. Made with a rust-proof aluminum frame, the polyester fabric is also quality and dependable. With seat capacity up to 280 lb., these chairs are built tough.

Beach Chairs with Added Creature Comforts

RIO Beach chairs are so much more than a comfy place to sit. They make any beach day more enjoyable with these incredible benefits:

  • Shade protection: Choose from beach chairs with a canopy to keep the sun out of your eyes and harmful UV rays away from your skin.
  • Added storage: Enjoy a side storage pouch and cell phone case to keep your valuables at arm’s reach at all times.
  • Easy transport: These setup and store with incredible ease, making transporting a cinch for any beach adventure.
  • Convenient features: From a padded headrest to cup holders, these beach chairs bring comfort to a whole new level. Add in built-in bottle openers, and there’s nothing these incredible seating solutions don’t have to create the perfect day at the beach for you and your family.

Types of Beach Chairs and How to Choose the Perfect One

At RIO Beach, we offer a wide variety of beach chairs to accommodate the needs of every beach goer. Whether you want a low beach chair so you can enjoy the rush of the waves by the shoreline, or you’re looking to fully recline for an even tan, we’ve got what you’re looking for!

Tote Bag and Backpack Beach Chairs

Our tote bag and backpack beach chairs are perfect for anyone who’s on the go and prioritizes practicality. Our backpack beach chairs come with comfortable shoulder straps to free up your hands for carrying other beach essentials or the kiddos. Not only are these chairs perfect for families with extra equipment to carry to and from the beach, but they’re also perfect for those who live by the water and want to make quick trips to shore even more convenient. We even offer kids’ backpack chairs to help lighten the load for the entire family.

Tall and Hi-Boy Beach Chairs

Our high-back and 4-position hi-boy beach chairs sit higher off the ground and provide a more comfortable seat for taller individuals or those who enjoy the extra head and neck support.

Beach Lounge Chairs

Our beach lounge chair is perfect for those who like to nap and sunbathe while enjoying the waves and ocean breeze. Unique from other beach loungers, RIO’s specially designed lounge chair includes a pillow headrest that flips up into a face opening for easy reading.

Low Beach Chairs

At ShelterLogic, we also offer plenty of low-sitting beach chairs. These chairs lay flat for sunbathing while keeping you elevated and out of the sand. They also are perfect for bringing close to the shoreline, so you can comfortably recline with your feet in the water.

Beach Chairs Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 5-position beach chair?

When shopping for the perfect beach chair, you may notice that some come with a number of positions. This refers to how many notches are on the chair’s backrest, allowing you to adjust the angle to different positions for maximum comfort. A 5-position beach chair will have 5 different positions that you can adjust to, from more upright to completely flat.

What type of chair is best for the beach?

There are several things to look for when choosing a beach chair, including:

  1. Portability: Make your trips to and from the car or the condo convenient. Look for lightweight, foldable beach chairs with carrying straps or backpack straps.
  2. Comfortability: An aching back after 30 minutes is no way to start a relaxing trip to the beach. Comfortability is important for long days by the ocean, so make sure to choose a chair with the perfect backrest height, number of reclining positions, and all the fun features like cup holders and headrests.
  3. Durability: Finally, it’s important to consider the durability of the chair you’re choosing to bring to the water. Find a beach chair with high-quality materials that are water and corrosion-resistant and can stand their ground against high wind and salty conditions.

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