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Insulated Cooler Bags

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Insulated Cooler Bags for Chilling at the Beach

Looking for a versatile insulated cooler bag for your next trip to the beach? RIO cooler beach bags are great for keeping refreshments cold, holding your valuables, and more.

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    RIO Gear Insulated Cooler Beach Bag, Palms/Paddles - Pack of 6
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    RIO Gear Deluxe Insulated Cooler Beach Bag, Watermelon/Oars - Pack of 4
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    RIO Gear Insulated Cooler Beach Bag
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    RIO Gear Deluxe Insulated Cooler Beach Bag
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    RIO Gear Deluxe Insulated Cooler Beach Bag
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    RIO Gear Rolling Soft Sided Cooler, Blue
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Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler Bags from RIO

Chill out on your next outdoor adventure with the addition of a convenient and stylish insulated cooler bag from RIO. These versatile pouches are an ideal spot to keep drinks or food cool when you’re heading to the beach. Easy to carry and easy on the wallet, it’s a simple addition that will add so much enjoyment to your day.

Bring a Cooler Beach Bag for Ultimate Convenience

When you don’t have the time or space to pack a traditional hard-sided cooler, these bags will do the trick and provide you and your guests with icy cool drinks, no matter how hot the weather. These deluxe insulated cooler bag choices specifically designed for the beach are compact, yet powerful.

Whether you want to make sure your snacks are fresh poolside, or your beverages are at the perfect temperature at the tailgate, a cooler bag from RIO provides ample space to matter the occasion. These models hold up to 38 cans. There’s also a separate exterior zipper pocket where you can place your wallet or keys to stay dry.

Cooler Bags with Convenient Features

Enjoy vibrant and stylish cooler bag options that put the fun in function. While these carrying pouches are heavy-duty when it comes to keeping items away from the elements, they are a gorgeous accessory your friends will love. But keeping drinks cool is only one way to utilize a cooler bag. When you’re at the beach or pool and have a long drive home, carry wet swimsuits and towels inside. These incredibly versatile cooler bags also feature:

  • Durable designs: These insulated bags are leak-proof and heat sealed with an antimicrobial thermal reflex foil liner, so you can enjoy chilled refreshments and snacks for many trips to come.
  • Spacious designs: Our soft cooler bags can hold up to 38 cans on the go, ensuring you have room for drinks for the entire family.
  • Superior ice retention: These cooling bags are just as dependable as a standard cooler, leaving you with plenty of ice inside to ensure your drinks are icy cold all day long.
  • Responsible construction: These cooler bag options are made without BPA or PVC materials.
  • Bottle opener: The convenience never ends with a cooler bag from RIO Beach. Enjoy a bottle opener, so you don’t have to worry about bringing one along from your kitchen.
  • Convenient storage pockets: There’s also a separate exterior zipper pocket where you can place your wallet or keys to stay dry.

When you need a cooler bag that’s incredibly dependable yet chic, RIO Beach has multiple options that will fit any style and budget. Your next trip to the beach has never been so chill!

Insulated Cooler Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Can an insulated bag be used as a cooler?

Our insulated bags are specifically designed to be used as coolers for long days at the beach. Whether you’re wanting to pack ice-cold refreshments or snacks for between surf sessions, our insulated bags will keep your items cool with superior ice retention.

How long do insulated bags keep cold?

With a frozen ice pack and well-insulated product, a cooler bag can keep its contents cold for several hours, depending on the external environment. To keep your refreshments and snacks cooler for longer, consider storing your bag in a shaded area and keeping the bag zipped when not in use. Needing beach shade solutions to keep your refreshments cool and skin safe during long beach days? At ShelterLogic, we offer a wide selection of beach umbrellas and tents!

Do insulated cooler bags need ice?

Yes, you should use ice with your insulated cooler bag. If you’re planning on taking your cooler bag to the beach, a bag of ice or an ice pack will help keep your refreshments cooler for longer.

How long can you leave food in a cooler bag?

Perishable foods, such as meat and dairy products, can be left out at room temperature for 2 hours before they become unsafe to eat. Insulated cooler bags work to keep their contents cooler than room temperature for extended periods of time, however that duration of time will depend on the number of ice packs used, the amount and type of food in the bag, and where the bag is stored during use. Keep an eye on your insulated cooler’s contents to ensure safe use of the product.