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RIO: Developing Quality Products and Consumer-
Friendly Safety Features

RIO is not only dedicated to developing fashion forward product lines, we’re also passionate about developing innovative, ergonomic and safe products for our customers. Holding over 35 patents and boasting over 70 years of experience; RIO is the market leader in innovative product designs for the outdoor leisure space. Each year, RIO releases unique new products geared to enhance comfort and usability, consistently pushing the envelope of engineering design.

RIO Outdoor Products: Designed and Tested for Strength and Safety

At RIO, we work hard to develop durable products that aim to make customer experience easier and more efficient. We design innovative products and we test them to ensure a high level of safety and quality is met.

Static vs. Dynamic Weight Testing

Safety is at the heart of our product development, and we are committed to static and dynamic testing of our products to ensure a high level of safety. These tests ensure a correct pile load capacity of our chairs and much of our furniture.

Improving User Experience Through Quality Product Development

We create high quality products for the outdoors that not only look great, but are made to improve the customer's user experience. We've developed uniquely ergonomic solutions to our customer's everyday problems in an effort to improve their experience outdoors.

Armrest for Folding Chair

Comfort is key, and we've developed comfortable arm rests in a variety of materials.

Acoustic Phone Holder

Never misplace your phone again, and always keep it safely and within reach.

Integrated Bottle Opener

Open bottles from the comfort of your seat: we've built in the bottle opener to the chair.

Chair Height

Comfort no matter what size chair height you need. We've thought a lot about our wide range of consumers.

Rolling Cart

Travel light, or not. The rolling beach cart design makes trips to the beach easier than ever.

Backpack Chair

Take your seat with you anywhere, easily with the backpack chair.

RIO Backpack Chair

The backpack chair makes trips to the beach easier than ever. Backpack straps are integrated to the chair.

  • Available in a variety of color options

  • Available in various size options, even for the kids

  • Rust and corrosion resistant metal components

Making Consumer Safety Features a Priority

We work hard to develop innovative products and keep consumer safety at the center of our product designs. Some of our most popular, interesting product safety features include:

Folding Chair Adjustable Back and Safe Adjust

The Safe Adjust feature makes reclining easy, more comfortable, and reduces pinching.

UPF 50+ Protection against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays

All RIO shade products are developed to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, and have been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Smart Cot Step Down Tension Lock

The Smart Cot step down tension lock is a feature that reduces pinching for more comfortable assembly.

RIO and the Skin Cancer Foundation

Many of RIO’s shade products have been developed not only to offer shade and help keep you cool, but also to keep you protected. Many RIO shade products feature up to UPF of 50+, offering protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays and have been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Learn more about RIO and The Skin Cancer Foundation below. 

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