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  1. How to Choose the Best Beach Chair

    How to Choose the Best Beach Chair

    Relaxing at the beach is one of the best possible ways to spend a day, but without the right beach chair, it can be hard to relax. When most people think of the best beach chair, they have a specific image in mind. However, the best beach chair is not a universal one size fits all.

    There are many different kinds of beach chairs, from backpack beach chairs to shade chairs, and then there are different sizes to consider. So, with all the different options available, how do you choose the best beach chair for you? Well – that’s the question we’re going to answer in this article: How do you choose the best beach chair?

    Keep reading to learn:

    • What a beach chair is
    • The features of a beach chair
    • The different types of beach chairs
    • How beach chairs differ from other portable chairs
    • And much more

    What is a beach chair?

    The short answer is, of course, that a beach chair is a chair that you use at the beach. But the longer, more specific answer is that a beach chair is a portable chair that has a number of features designed to make relaxing at the beach as convenient and comfortable as possible. As mentioned, there are various different types of beach chairs, but generally speaking, they all share a few common traits. So, let’s look at the main characteristics and features of a beach chair.

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  2. How to Choose the Best Cots for Camping or Glamping

    How to Choose the Best Cots for Camping or Glamping

    Camping is all about exploring, hunting, and enjoying far from the city buzz. But what if you spend your camping nights tossing and turning in an uncomfortable sleeping bag? A nightmare, right?

    After a long tiring day, all a camper wants is to sleep comfortably and prepare for the next day’s adventures. Unfortunately, a poor choice of sleeping bed spoils their fun. All they need is to enter the realm of camping cots.

    Camping cots can dramatically enhance your sleep. They are the holy grails for campers, and once you try them, you won’t even consider anything else.

    If you’re planning for the next adventure and worried about your sleep, we are here to help. In this guide, we will answer all your questions about cots and suggest the best cots for camping. So, let’s get started!

    What Is a Cot?

    Before choosing the best cot, let’s discover what it actually is. A camping cot serves just like a bed and supports your hips and back. These cots for sleeping allow campers to get in and out easily, which is good for older campers.

    Since weather can change anytime, no one can prepare for it entirely. This is when a cot comes in handy. It helps the campers regulate their body temperature.

    For instance, in winters, it keeps you off the cold ground. On the other hand, it ensures effective insulation (free airflow from in and out of the

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  3. How to Find the Best Backpack Beach Chair

    best backpack beach chair

    Summer is upon us, and there are a lot of activities we're looking forward to this season! Planning to go to the beach? Great idea! If you're going to be spending any time on the sand this summer, a backpack beach chair is the best companion ever!

    There's no denying that if you're not using a backpack beach chair, you aren't maximizing your beach time experience. But finding the right backpack beach chair can be daunting—there are tons of different models available. So how do you choose?

    What Is a Beach Chair?

    A beach chair is a foldable chair that allows you to sit comfortably at the beach. Unlike a lawn chair or patio chair, which are either heavy (so they can't be easily carried) or made of metal (so they rust), a beach chair is designed to be carried from place to place. This means that the materials used must be light and weatherproof, able to easily withstand moisture and sand.

    How Does a Beach Chair Differ from Other Outdoor Chairs?

    Beach chairs are a lot like other outdoor chairs, except for the fact that they're designed to be used on the sand. They often have wide legs that allow them to sit level on the sand and help you avoid getting sand all over your body.

    Beach chairs are portable and usually made with a unique blend of wood and steel that gives them extra durability. They are also built to withstand the elements year-round and look great no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

    How Is a Backpack Beach Chair Better Than a Regular Beach Chair?

    A regular beach chair is like an ex: you've moved on, and it's time to let them go. But a backpack beach chair? Now that's something special.

    If you've ever had to carry a

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  4. Best Beach Tents and Beach Shade Solutions for Day Trips and Vacations

    Best Beach Tent and Beach Shade Solutions

    With summer right around the corner, it’s about time that people start getting themselves ready for the beach. For many people, there’s nothing better than lounging around in the sand and going for a swim. However, it’s very easy to get too relaxed at the beach and forget about how much time you’re spending in the sun.

    Even when you take precautions like wearing sunscreen, it’s important to take yourself out of the sun and stay in the shade for a bit. However, it can be difficult to find shade on a crowded beach if you come ill-prepared. It’s important to know what options you have available so you can get access to the shade whenever necessary.

    Before we get into the details about the different items that you can use to protect yourself from the sun, let’s take a look at why always having a beach shade is important for your health.

    Why Beach Shade Solutions Are Important to your Health

    The only reason why people invest in a beach shade is to ensure that they can have fun and relax at the beach as safely as possible. Sunblock alone definitely isn’t enough to protect you from the sun for prolonged periods of time.

    Not only are you at risk of suffering from a sunburn, but there’s also the chance of exposure to potentially harmful rays from the sun. These rays can often contribute to overexposure to the sun can also lead to dehydration, potentially ruining your day at the beach.

    Aside from the sun, beaches that are windy can also end up

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  5. Must-Have Outdoor Portable Chairs for Sporting Events

    Must-Have Outdoor Portable Chairs for Sporting Events

    The life of a sports parent is certainly no easy task. Consistently visiting sports events on a regular basis can tire anyone out. That's why it’s essential to go to these events with some degree of preparation.

    A sports event can mean hours upon hours of standing for those who aren't ready. What's the solution? A portable outdoor chair. Here’s everything that you need to know about portable outdoor chairs!

    What Are Outdoor Portable Chairs?

    Outdoor portable chairs are essentially exactly what they sound like. These are usually foldable chairs that you can easily carry with you anywhere. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways of ensuring that you can always find a place to rest in a long sporting event. Simply unfold the chair, and you have a very convenient place to sit that you can use to rest anytime.

    What To Look For In an Outdoor Portable Chair

    If you get the wrong outdoor portable chair,

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  6. How to Plan and Pack for a Fishing Trip

    How to Plan and Pack for a Fishing Trip

    Gathering up your family or friends and heading out on a fishing trip is one of the best ways to take a much-needed break from everyday life. Not only will you have a chance to connect with nature, but you’ll also enjoy the thrill and excitement of hooking a fish, as well as the peace and serenity that comes with enjoying a day on the water.

    While single-day trips are fun, there’s nothing quite like spending several days on a fishing camping trip. This will give you plenty of time to spend on the water and a few nights to enjoy bonding around the campfire. As long as you take some time to fully prepare, nothing will ruin your good time.

    Not sure how to plan your fishing trip? Check out our round-up of top tips and a list of important fishing trip essentials you won't want to leave home without. By the time you're done, you'll be planning trips like a pro.

    father and son fishingfather and son fishing
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  7. How to Plan an RV Road Trip

    RV Road Trip

    Whether you're an experienced road warrior or a rookie planning your first trip across the country, you can have an incredible RV adventure when everyone is prepared. There's no better feeling than heading out on a road trip in a vehicle that can take many of the comforts of home along for the ride. With nothing but the open road ahead and many places to discover, you’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

    This guide will share the basic steps you need to take to plan an RV trip, what apps and tools to use, and other practical preparation you need to make. Among the hot items to bring are pop-up canopies, portable furniture, and outdoor living accessories that create a "home away from home."

    The ABCs of RV Road Trip Planning

    If you want to plan an RV road trip, ask yourself these basic questions. Many considerations go into a road trip with a home on wheels, but you can set off on your adventure in no time with some preparation.

    • Do you plan to rent or own an RV? Owning vs. renting an RV have their pros and cons. Both methods require RV insurance, regular vehicle refuels, and upkeep. Do your research before committing to either method of vehicle acquisition.
    • Do you want extra travel safety nets? Travel insurance and roadside assistance are added expenses but give you more security while on the road.
    • What size RV is best for you? A 40-foot RV is luxurious and has the most amenities, but it can be more intimidating to drive and needs to be parked in approved spaces. Overall, they
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  8. Perfect Shade and Seating Accessories for Football Games and Parties

    Perfect Shade and Seating Accessories for Football Games and Parties

    The change in seasons brings a new season of activities with it. Some of these include attending sporting events as sports like football begin to reach a fever pitch. Fall is a great time to host football parties outside. One of the primary challenges is the weather. If you are excited for the next season of tailgating to happen but don't want it to rain on your parade, we have got some great setup options for you, from portable canopy tents to sturdy backyard gazebos.

    What Is a Tailgate (or Football-Themed) Party?

    First, before you learn all about the awesome things you can do to have a stellar tailgating party, you need to understand exactly what it is! Some of you seasoned football fans will be able to skip right past this section since you are more than familiar with the concept.

    For those who aren't yet familiar with the fun of tailgating—A tailgating party is one of the most common ways to host a football-themed party outside. It is a social event that you hold on or near the open tailgate of a vehicle. A tailgate party can be in your backyard, but it is often held outside the football stadium before and during the game.

    You can also host other kinds of football-themed parties if you don't have a vehicle that lends itself well to tailgating. Of course, some people would argue that such vehicles don't exist, but those would be the hardcore tailgating fans.

    Tailgate tent for your backyard partyTailgate tent for your backyard party
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  9. Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer: The Benefits of Sun Protection

    Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer: The Benefits of Sun Protection
    As soon as the temperature starts to rise, it’s time to take advantage of outdoor activities and spending time with family in the sunshine. But with the extra fun comes increased risk of skin cancer. Sun protection is your best line of defense when it comes to skin cancer prevention. The American Cancer Society says staying in the shade can be one of the best lines of defense for your skin.

    What is Skin Cancer?

    What exactly is skin cancer? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation and Skincancer.org, it is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells usually caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. The CDC suggests someone is at a higher risk of getting skin cancer even from a few bad sunburns. There are multiple types of skin cancer, but here are the three most commonly diagnosed in the United States, according to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America:
    • Basal cell carcinoma: The cancer cells develop in the basal layer of the skin, hence the name. This type of skin cancer accounts for 80% of all diagnoses in America. This type of the least dangerous because it rarely metastasizes and grows slowly.
    • Squamous cell carcinoma: This is the second most common type of skin cancer. They develop from the flat squamous cells on the skin. Although they are more likely to spread than basal cell carcinoma, it is uncommon for them to metastasize.
    • Melanoma: This is a more aggressive and dangerous type of skin cancer that form in the melanocytes, or darker pigments of skin. Melanoma can form in parts of the body that aren’t exposed to sunlight, and can metastasize.
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  10. 9 Ways to Use Camping Tables and Camping Chairs

    9 Ways to Use Camping Tables and Camping Chairs

    If you’re a camping enthusiast, you know that high-quality camping chairs and camping tables are must-have items. However, you may not realize that there are also a ton of other creative ways to use them.

    That’s right, even if you never plan to camp, it’s a great idea to keep some of these versatile accessories on hand. So here’s a look at a few ways portable chairs and camping tables can make your life easier and more productive.

    1. Yard Sales

    Having a yard sale is a great way to declutter, but you'll need to display them properly if you want your items to sell. Setting up a few camping tables will help you draw attention to your most valuable items and keep them up off the ground, so they don’t get damaged. Using several different tables will also allow you to group similar items together, making the shopping experience easier for visitors.  

    It’s a great idea to set up a small camping table off to the side to use as a check-out station. This will give shoppers room to set down their newfound treasures and provide you with enough space to wrap breakables, bag items, and make change. Since yard sales often last all day, you’ll also want a comfortable folding chair so you can relax while you wait for your next round of customers to arrive. 

    2. Kid’s Sporting Events

    You love watching your kid play sports, but when the sun starts to beat down, things can get unpleasant fast. Keep your cool by bringing a portable chair with a canopy to the next

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